Water Coolers

Water coolers are meant to cool water. But how fast, in what really matters. Especially in places like schools, colleges, offices and other corporate and commercial applications where the consumption of water is frequent and high. Which is why you need Modi Fresh Water Coolers.

Thanks to a powerful and rugged compressor, this latest range of coolers cool water surprisingly fast. Also, they come with an all-stainless steel body, making them more durable. and together with the power saving insulation and a comprehensive warranty, these coolers are complete value for money. Whatís more even eco-friendly versions of these coolers are available. So you donít just get cold water, you also get a healthy environment, for years to come.

Modi Fresh is Indiaís Largest central airconditioning and commercial refrigeration company. With over seven decades of expertise in offering expert cooling solution, Modi Fresh now brings to you water coolers with a wide range of features for every need.

Product Highlights

 Faster Cooling
 Low power consumption
 Eco friendly
 Longer Life
 Safe drinking water
 No plumbing required
 Float valves
 Adjustable pedestals
 Ergonomically designed

Technical Specifications for FSS models of Water Coolers

Name/ Model Cooling Cap./hr. Storage Cap./ L No. of Faucets Dimensions (Inches) Weight Glasses/hr Current amp. Type of Compressor
FSS 20/20 20 20 1 16x17x45 35 100 .8 Recip
FSS 20/40 20 40 1 20x19x49 44 100 1.2 Recip
FSS 40/40 40 40 1 20x19x49 46 200 1.8 Recip
FSS 40/80 40 80 2 25x18x53 51 200 1.8 Recip
FSS 80/120 80 120 2 27x21x56 67 400 3.5 Recip
FSS 150/150 150 150 2 31x21.5x56 76 750 5.0 Recip
FSS 150/200 150 200 2 31x21.5x56 85 750 5.1 Recip